GTGAHALL Holdings is a Holdings company specializing in the Insurance Industry.

The company looks to develop Teams & Individuals, helping them meet there dream of major ownership in their endervours. Our Owners have been lucky to develop 15 companies in the last 5 years:

We are currently developing potential relationships that could lead to:

The core idea behind GTGAHALL Holdings is to provide all the tools to allow an Individual/Team every chance to make it though the first number of years of a companies life *. From Capital, Systems, administration staff, Bookkeeping, Tax Advise. We are also able to help in the production side of the business, though our many companies and related business sources we can produce to the specialty of the created company.

GTGAHALL Holding currently holds a very high success rate. No company has been closed, a few still remain dominant waiting to start trading. We have 100% success of investors making return on their Capital & Loans.

* 34% of Companies fail in the first 2 years, 22% more failing in the next 2 years. Click to Read More