Meet a number of the compnies that GTGAHALL Holdings is proud to have a been part of their success.

GSRM Agency, Inc.
Dallas Based Insurance Agency.
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David Rubey - President.

David Rubey was ready to leave corporate american. After 6 six years of Running the South Central Region Marketing of ACE America's Accident & Health division, AIG & Zurich before that, David was burn out on the "system" of doing business. After consulting with GTGAHALL and meeting with a team of Investors hand picked by GTGAHALL, David was ready to getting back to the real business of servicing his broker base.

David has within a year developed a relation with a number of the other GTGAHALL companies and has arranged a joint venture company which he is the President of.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with David and his team.


Benefit Transact Solutions, LLC
Houston Based Third Party Administrator.
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Michael Mackey - President.

We first met Michael as a C-suite executive from a variety of companies ranging in revenue from over $100 million, $50 million, $20 million to under $5 million, each entity grew significantly and resulted in the creation of substantial shareholder value and a very successful fund raising and/or liquidity event for each company while meeting or exceeding growth targets. Michael was ready to put this knowledge and expertise to build his own company.

Benefit Transact Solutions offers a comprehensive billing, enrollment and eligibility platform for employers and associations. that want to provide their employees and members the ability to pay for their benefit or membership programs via list bill, payroll deduction, credit card or checking account. These payment options are integrated with a state of the art and comprehensive technology and service solution that results in timely, accurate billings to employees and members with program providers and carriers also being paid in a timely, accurate manner. The integration allows all of the functionality to reside within one system which leads to more satisfied employees, members and program providers due to the information being more accurate and timely.

Within two years BTS has been contracted by numberous Program Managers to by their financial and eligibility management muscle. With current development with a number of carriers to be a outsourced vendor, the financial growth curve that Michael has bought to the company out ranks most in this industry class.

We look forward to being a part of Michael and his Team becoming a Power House of the TPA Industry.


GlobalTech General Agency, Inc
Houston Based Managing General Agency.

Alan Hall - President.

GlobalTech General Agency is the insurance agency led by Alan Hall, Alan is a former Lloyds Underwriter that moved to the USA in the early 90's with over 25 years in the insurance industry. The agency is the lead vehicle that Alan's business is run from. GlobalTech specialty is the Accident & Health affinity & Special Risk Market. The company is at the cutting edge of developing new system's to take care of the US's old problem, raising medical costs.

Alan is also the lead principal at GTGAHALL Holdings, LLC